Consistent protection for highly classified information and critical assets

For over two decades, Fox Crypto has been a pioneer in high assurance security solutions. With our DataDiodes, we ensure the confidentiality or integrity of information through assured one-way real-time data transfers.


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Critical Infrastructure & Industry

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years preferred supplier for Government & Defence in Europe

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First CC EAL7+ Datadiode since



Securing a major urban rail network with Fox DataDiode

In the critical world of urban transportation, a leading metro system in Western Europe exemplifies innovation and reliability. This is while facing the challenges of maintaining an extensive and historic rail network. As the...

Secure data transmission innovation in the energy sector

A European Utility company specializing in gas, renewable energy, and services faced a major cybersecurity challenge, jeopardizing its mission to provide competitive and sustainable solutions. Facing stringent regulatory requirements and the need to protect...

Safeguarding highly sensitive military information

Our client, a significant entity responsible for safeguarding critical military information, operates with a primary focus on ensuring the highest levels of security for their classified networks. The key moment of vulnerability happens when...

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