Safeguarding highly sensitive military information

Our client, a significant entity responsible for safeguarding critical military information, operates with a primary focus on ensuring the highest levels of security for their classified networks. The key moment of vulnerability happens when they need to send information to the central command center. There’s a link created between the land and the ship, making it easier for intruders to potentially break in. This is why their core objectives include preventing advanced persistent threats (APTs), securing against data leakage, and fortifying their existing security measures. Given the severity of the risks they face, they sought an advanced solution that could elevate their security posture.


Our client encountered a set of formidable challenges:

  • Protecting highly classified information: Safeguarding highly classified, and sensitive military information was of paramount importance. Any breach could have severe repercussions.
  • Preventing APTs: Sophisticated Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) posed a constant danger. The challenge was to develop defenses capable of withstanding advanced and persistent cyberattacks.


To tackle these critical challenges, our client aimed to implement a security solution that exceeded the capabilities of their current EAL4 Firewall. Their desired solution needed to be highly effective in preventing cyberattacks and ensuring comprehensive data leakage prevention.

The solution encompassed:

  • Enhanced security: The chosen solution needed to surpass the capabilities of the existing EAL4 Firewall and provide a more robust defense against advanced threats.
  • Cyberattack prevention: The primary objective was to create an impervious shield against cyberattacks, ensuring the safety and integrity of their classified networks.
  • Data leakage prevention: Critical to their mission was preventing any unauthorized access to the vessel’s critical systems.

The pivotal component of this solution was the implementation of Fox Crypto’s DataDiode, which offered a significant advancement in security.


The implementation of Fox Crypto’s DataDiode solution delivered outstanding results:

  • Separation of classified networks: Fox DataDiode facilitated the complete separation of classified networks, ensuring that highly sensitive information remained isolated from potential threats.
  • 100% guaranteed unidirectional traffic: Fox DataDiode ensured unidirectional traffic. Preventing any hackers from gaining access to the vessel’s network whilst uploading information.
  • EAL7+ Certification: Achieving an EAL7+ certification, the highest level of assurance in cybersecurity, provided our client with the utmost confidence in the security of their systems.

In conclusion, Fox Crypto’s DataDiode solution proved to be a game-changer for our client responsible for safeguarding highly sensitive military information. By adopting this advanced security technology, they successfully addressed their critical challenges. Therefore, they ensured the highest levels of security for their classified networks and achieved the highest certification of trustworthiness. This case underscores the pivotal role of cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions in protecting sensitive information against the most determined threats.

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