Securing a major urban rail network with Fox DataDiode

In the critical world of urban transportation, a leading metro system in Western Europe exemplifies innovation and reliability. This is while facing the challenges of maintaining an extensive and historic rail network. As the backbone of a major city’s public transportation system, this entity confronts the task of ensuring operational efficiency and security amid rising cyber threats.

The journey to harmonize regulatory compliance with the need for uninterrupted service delivery compelled the metro system to tackle significant challenges in safeguarding its rail signaling systems. This story reveals how the system fortified its operations against cyber threats, securing the integrity of its services and affirming its dedication to safe and efficient urban transit.


This key player in urban transportation grappled with complex issues in preserving the security and efficiency of its rail signaling systems, which included:

  • Extracting information: The necessity to securely extract information from rail signaling systems for reporting purposes, without endangering their integrity.
  • Cybersecurity threats: The increasing concern over averting cyberattacks that could jeopardize the operational safety and reliability of the rail network.
  • Regulatory compliance: The challenge of meeting strict regulatory requirements to ensure the rail system’s safety and security.


In addressing these challenges, the metro system bolsters the security and operational efficiency of its rail signaling systems. A key element of this collaboration was the deployment of the Fox DataDiode, tailored to meet the specific requirements of the metro system:

  • Ensuring rail system integrity: The introduction of the Fox DataDiode was crucial in ensuring the integrity and security of the rail signaling systems. This technology facilitated secure, one-way data transfer, allowing for the safe extraction of critical reporting and operational data without exposing the system to cyber threats or data corruption.
  • Preserving system integrity and efficiency: The Fox DataDiode played a vital role in keeping the signaling systems operational and efficient, enabling rapid and effective data reporting. Achieving this balance was essential in fulfilling the metro system’s requirement for a solution that would seamlessly integrate with its operations without causing disruptions.

The initial desire for a robust security solution that could integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure and maintain operational integrity led to the choice of the Fox DataDiode. This technology stood out for its ability to protect the network from potential cyber threats while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.


In response to the pressing challenges, the rail network embarked on a strategic partnership with Fox Crypto’s partner Nexor to enhance the security and operational efficiency of its rail signaling systems. The strategic deployment of the Fox DataDiode brought about significant, measurable advantages:

  • Achievement of CESG compliance: The metro system successfully met the demanding CESG compliance standards, affirming the effectiveness of its cybersecurity measures.
  • Guaranteed system integrity with efficient reporting: The integrity of the rail systems was preserved, enabling the metro system to achieve secure and efficient reporting. This was facilitated by the Fox DataDiode’s strong security features, safeguarding the network against vulnerabilities and threats.

This partnership and technological advancement underscore the metro system’s commitment to enhancing its cybersecurity framework, thereby ensuring the continued safety and reliability of its services in an evolving cyber threat landscape.