A look back at our successful partner event in Delft

Recently we had the pleasure of hosting our annual partner event right in the heart of our hometown, Delft. From the insightful discussions about our collective future to the surprising experience of our party bus trip to the dinner location, the event was a big success. We thank every partner who participated in this event! Your engagement and enthusiasm boosted our confidence in the bright future of our collaboration.

Event highlights

The event kicked off with a warm welcome from our Director of Fox Crypto, Christian Prickaerts. He set the stage for what was to be a day filled with interesting presentations and forward-looking discussions.

Christo Butcher took the stage next, delivering an informative presentation on the implications and details of the NIS2 regulation. Also, Jeroen Bakker, our Head of Commercial Products, introduced our new product portfolio. The presentations by Jef Pauwels and Marck van Haren on the Andean DataDiode, Splunk, and MSSQL solutions further highlighted our commitment to innovation.

The post-lunch session was particularly memorable, with three of our partners sharing their experiences and insights. Gilles Loridon of GSN, Peter Austin of Nexor, and Ruud Veenman of E-storage each provided valuable perspectives on the application of our solutions in various sectors, from OT market security to banking sector backups.

Bram de Bruijn’s overview of our roadmap and marketing strategies, coupled with a sneak peek at our upcoming website, increased excitement about the future direction of our company. This was complemented by Eelco Jepkema’s detailed explanation of export compliance policies, underscoring the importance of navigating the complexities of international trade responsibly and efficiently. The day concluded with an introduction to our development team by Zinzi van Nahuijs, our Delivery Manager.

Emina Grabovica, partner manager at Fox Crypto highlights: “The sessions and presentations were a perfect blend: technical, informative, and interactive. We were very pleased with the speakers. This year we welcomed 20 partners, and we will continue the partner event on a yearly base every March.”

Building connections

The next day was all about technical sessions. Dan Datau provided a brief history of the third generation DataDiode development and led a brainstorming session on the next iteration, the forth generation DataDiode. The event concluded with technical demonstrations on Remote Desktop, Splunk, and the Andean DataDiode, presented by Julia Hofs, Henk Waanders, and Marck van Haren, offering hands-on insights into our cutting-edge solutions.

Emina concludes: “At this year’s annual partner event, a lot of connections were built. The event took place at the Vakwerkhuis, a creative and dynamic space that fostered a warmer, more intimate setting, which immediately encouraged networking among partners.”