Critical Infrastructure & Industry

Protect your assets

Use our tailored strategies to protect your assets and logging information. Reduce risks, monitor safely and maintain productivity. Elevate your security standards with our solutions designed for the specific needs of your OT environment.

Ensure integrity and availability of you OT environment.

Advanced solutions for key entities

Enhance the security of crucial operations with custom solutions designed for success in Critical Infrastructure & Industry sectors. Discover the ways our advanced products support security infrastructure, ensuring exceptional protection, availability and integrity. That includes the following entities:

OT environments experience a larger attack surface than traditional IT environments.

In the dynamic landscape of industrial & commercial operations, security is paramount. Our security measures set the industry standard, ensuring unwavering confidentiality. Coupled with a one-way hardware connection, our solutions provide an unparalleled layer of defense for critical business operations.

Unidirectional data integrity:

Our solutions establish a one-way data flow, prohibiting any unauthorized entry or outbound transmission of sensitive information. This creates a formidable barrier, guaranteeing robust protection against potential data leakage and ensuring uncompromised integrity.

Cutting-edge security assurance:

Certified at CC EAL7+ and NATO TOP SECRET levels, our security solutions set industry benchmarks for integrity and confidentiality. This is perfect for industries that need strong data protection, our solutions keep your information safe, accurate, and reliable—key for any organization focused on complete security.

Secure connections between critical networks

The production network (OT) is connected to a separate corporate (IT) network environment. This integration is crucial for business operations that require access to production data, and our DataDiode ensures the connection remains secure at all times. 

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