New release: Fox DataDiode Andean 1G

Say hello to the Fox DataDiode Andean 1G, the latest innovation in cybersecurity technology. It’s promising to redefine how we protect our most vital assets. This new solution offers unparalleled one-way data transmission at a speed of 1 Gbps, all within the compact space of a 1U server rack. Designed specifically for environments where security cannot be compromised, the Fox DataDiode Andean 1G is an essential shield against today’s digital threats. In this article, we delve into the details of this latest release. We will explore its unique features compared to the original DataDiode Ruggedised. We’ll also delve into the critical role it plays in increasing cybersecurity defenses, and the future outlook.

A resilient and compact solution

We spoke with Jef Pauwels, Project Manager at Fox Crypto, who knows everything about this new product release. Jef explains: “The Fox DataDiode Andean is a stable and resilient solution, that only requires a 1U rackspace. Because of this, the Andean offers a more compact solution. The original request for saving server space came from a few customers, and after we investigated the possibilities, we developed the Andean. The software is incorporated into the device, that’s why there’s no longer the need for large servers, which increases the ease of use drastically.” In the table below you can find the specific features of the Andean:

The differences between Andean & Ruggedised

The Andean and Ruggedised models are tailored to specific market needs. The Andean offers a speed of 1Gbps, optimized for environments where space and ease of use are highly important. For all product specs, you can check this page. In comparison to Ruggedized there are a few differences, where Andean meets the highly sensitive requirements to a lesser extent based on certifications. Let’s dive deeper into comparing the DataDiode Ruggedised with the DataDiode Andean:

  • Speed: The DataDiode Andean can handle a speed of 1G, while the Ruggedised can handle a speed of 10G.
  • Integrated servers versus separate systems: The Fox DataDiode Ruggedized uses separate systems for additional separation of domains, while the Andean has integrated servers. 
  • Ease of use: The Andean is smaller, and therefore takes up less server space, which is better for customer usability. The Andean can be completely custom-configured to requirements with software and full support.

Andean target market

The Fox DataDiode Andean addresses a broad spectrum of industries, providing a secure, cost-effective solution for data protection. Specifically, the Andean targets the Key infrastructure market, where functional security is crucial. “The OT market, maritime sector, small data centers, defense, and mobile data center variants find the Andean particularly relevant due to its security features, affordability, and the absence of a need for multiple servers,” Jef notes. With its official market release scheduled for May, the Andean is expected to make a significant impact.

The demand for DataDiodes is on the rise

Jef claims: “The demand for DataDiodes continues to grow, now and in the future. Also the upcoming NIS2 legislation will make it necessary to have more strict security measures in place across industries. Therefore, solutions like the Andean are becoming more and more essential. The Andean is a very pragmatic, safe solution, which allows you to help comply with the strict NIS2 requirements. For the future, we will continue to develop new features and hardware to keep our clients safe in a continuously evolving threat landscape.”