Protect your secrets

Government & Defence

Within the Government & Defence sector safe handling of sensitive and classified data is crucial. Therefore, it demands uncompromising security measures to prevent the leakage of highly classified information and to maintain data integrity. In this environment, excellence in safeguarding information is not just expected but essential.

Guaranteed defence of your classified information.

Advanced solutions for key entities

Elevate the security standards of critical operations with specialized solutions tailored for the Government & Defence sector. We’re operating in these vital and sensitive environments: 

Ensuring uncompromised confidentiality

In the Government & Defence sector, our solutions guarantee uncompromised confidentiality. With unidirectional data flow, and advanced security certifications, we provide a robust shield against data leakage, ensuring the highest level of security for critical operations.

Unidirectional data flow

Our products allow data to flow in only one direction, preventing any outbound transmission of classified information. This ensures a robust shield against data leakage.

Advanced security measures

With CC EAL7+ & NATO TOP SECRET certifications, we provide a level of security trusted by government entities. It surpasses conventional measures, making it the go-to solutions for environments where confidentiality is non-negotiable.

Mathematical proven one-way direction

Our product’s one-way hardware connection offers a robust layer of defence. Because DataDiode security is based on its physical characteristics, zero day vulnerabilities and software misconfigurations will never give attackers access to sensitive information.

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