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About us

Empowering the Dutch government for over two decades, Fox Crypto—a 100% Dutch B.V. and a division of Fox-IT—is the embodiment of unwavering security. We specialize in delivering cutting-edge solutions and expertise in safeguarding classified information and ensuring data integrity.

Our expertise

We conceive, create, and manage cryptographic products. Specialties include media and file encryption, network security, domain separation, secure mobile communication, and encryption key management. Our solutions earned the trust of partners across various layers of the Dutch government.

Strategic partnerships

Since 2018, we proudly serve as a Strategic Partner of the Dutch Ministry of Defense. We contribute to the development and enduring availability of cryptographic products. Operating in specially secured spaces, we implement rigorous measures for technology, personnel, and methodologies.

Our values

1. Innovative solutions

Providing cutting-edge solutions for data protection at the highest security levels

2. Security experts

Implementing profound knowledge to address complex security challenges

3. Comprehensive services

Offering end-to-end services for the seamless deployment of our solutions


Integrity and quality are paramount to us. Non-integral conduct is not accepted within Fox Crypto; we operate according to various quality standards and hold extensive certifications, like Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (CC), NATO COSMIC TOP SECRET, NITES and Zulassungsstelle BSI.

Meet the team

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Jeroen Bakker

Director Commercial Products

Marck van Haren

Head of Partner Management

Rene Mulder

Partner Manager

Troy Gratama

Partner Manager

Emina Grabovica

Partner Manager

Caspar Oudesluijs

Head of Support

Pedro dos Santos

Support Engineer

Julia Hofs

Solutions Architect

Zinzi van Nahuijs

Head of Development

Marc-Jan Lenstra

Senior Developer

Maximilian Fillinger


Wesley de Kraker


Melda Malkoc


Jurjen Braakhekke

Product Manager

Nivard Bakmeijer

Product Manager DataDiode

Jef Pauwels

Project Manager

Stephan Wheelhouse

Account Manager

Annette Duurkoop

Account Manager


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