Keep your Splunk data secure with the Fox Splunk Replicator

The Fox Splunk Replicator is a powerful tool designed to address the significant security concerns associated with centralizing data for analysis and monitoring. This solution enables organizations to implement network segmentation for Splunk environments. Unlike firewalls, that are prone to software vulnerabilities, the Fox Splunk Replicator employs a DataDiode device to guarantee one-way data transmission […]

The importance of cybersecurity, and where the DataDiode fits in

Every year, attacks grow in frequency and sophistication. World Economic Forum states: “Beyond AI, 2024 could see record-breaking data breaches. In 2023, the landscape of global data breaches significantly intensified from previous years, including a 72% increase in the number of data compromises over the previous high in 2022.” This situation demands that all organizations, […]

New partnership: IFCR & Fox Crypto

Partnership announcement: Fox Crypto is excited to announce its strategic partnership with the Institut for Cyber Risk (IFCR) for our Fox DataDiode solutions. IFCR, a leading organization specializing in cybersecurity risk management, brings extensive knowledge and experience, combined with our DataDiode solutions will enable us to deliver secure and reliable solutions across the Nordics. This collaboration will […]

New release: Fox DataDiode Andean 1G

Say hello to the Fox DataDiode Andean 1G, the latest innovation in cybersecurity technology. It’s promising to redefine how we protect our most vital assets. This new solution offers unparalleled one-way data transmission at a speed of 1 Gbps, all within the compact space of a 1U server rack. Designed specifically for environments where security […]

A look back at our successful partner event in Delft

Recently we had the pleasure of hosting our annual partner event right in the heart of our hometown, Delft. From the insightful discussions about our collective future to the surprising experience of our party bus trip to the dinner location, the event was a big success. We thank every partner who participated in this event! […]

NIS2 and the consequences for segmented networks

The NIS2 Directive is the EU’s latest move to tighten online safety, extending its reach to cover more companies and demanding stronger protection measures. The goals of NIS2 are to boost IT and OT security, simplify reporting, and create consistent rules and penalties across the EU. It impacts a variety of businesses by setting safety […]

DataDiode vs. Airgap vs. Firewall: Understanding and choosing your cybersecurity measures

Myth or fact? ‘A firewall will protect my OT Network from attacks originating from the connected IT network.’ That’s a myth. This is a fact, though: ‘A firewall alone is not sufficient to protect the network perimeter; in case of intruders, anomaly detection and monitoring need to be implemented.’ As cyber threats grow more sophisticated, […]

The future of security architecture: Predictions and the role of DataDiode

Online threats are getting smarter and more frequent. This is why having a security architecture to keep data safe is essential. To create a security architecture that can handle threats now and in the future, it’s important to use a strategy that has multiple layers of protection. It should have the ability to grow and […]